May Playlists

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Here are all the playlists I used in my vinyasa yoga classes during the month of May. Notable artists include James Blake, Jaymes Young, Active Child, Sam Smith, Elliot Moss, Still Parade, and Benjamin Francis Leftwich.

A few of my favorite songs to teach sun salutations to this month were “Perfect Form” by Cyril Hahn & Shy Girls, “Beginnings” by Hayden James, and “Home By Now” by Bombay Bicycle Club.

As always, the remixes can be found on my remix playlists on Spotify.

First week of May:

Second week:

Third week:

Fourth week:

Hip Hop Playlists:

Black Light Yoga Playlist:

April Playlists

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Here are all the playlists from my classes in April. April was a month of new discoveries for me; I found some awesome new artists I love, including Jaymes Young, Ryan Vail, SOHN, Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Elliot Moss, ASTR, and The Kite String Tangle. I’ve been using Soundcloud and social media sources more, so I’ve also found more remixes and covers to use in my playlists.

1st week of the month

2nd-3rd week

4th week

april’s hip hop playlist

april’s black light yoga playlist

(I was on vacation for a little bit this month and the weeks kind of blurred into each other)

Also, almost the songs that aren’t available to listen to on these spotify playlists can be found in my soundcloud remix/covers/mashups playlists.

March Playlists

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I switched up my playlists a little more than usual in the month of March. It seemed fitting, as the weather was so unpredictable and change was definitely in the air as we eagerly anticipated the arrival of spring in Boston after this especially brutal winter. The first playlist is straight up indie rock then I shifted to a little more electro stuff, following with another Sufjan Stevens tribute (including some of his new work with Sisyphus), and a couple of indie folk-y/indie poppy playlists sparked by my rediscovery of Ace Enders of The Early November’s solo project, “I Can Make A Mess.”

I also included my hip hop playlists. One week’s theme was “Emo Rappers” (think Cudi, Lupe Fiasco, etc.) and another’s was “Ellie Goulding, Rapped Up” (hip hop mashups and collaborations featuring Ellie and also remixes of her songs)

March 1-6

March 7-12

March 12-17

March 18-22 “You Don’t Mess With The Sufjan” in honor of Sisyphus’ debut album release

March 23-27

March 28-April 1 “‘I Can Make a Mess’ of Indiepop”

Hip Hop Playlists:

week of March 7

week of March 14 (“emo rappers”)

week of March 21 (Ellie Goulding, Rapped Up)

week of March 28

Black Light Playlist: