You Blew It!- “You Blue It” (Weezer tribute EP)


After dropping a few Weezer covers this past month, Florida emo rockers You Blew It! released their Weezer tribute EP, “You Blue It” in full today. If you loved Weezer’s iconic “Blue Album” and it makes you feel all nostalgic, you’ll definitely want to give this a listen. While they’ve added subtle touches of their own sound and style, You Blew It!’s covers are pretty straightforward and true to the original songs, making this EP a super fun, accessible listening experience.

Stream it here, or better yet, support this hardworking, talented band and purchase the EP through Topshelf Records.

You Blew It!- “In The Garage” (Weezer cover)


You Blew It! just released the third track from their Weezer tribute EP, “You Blue It,” which comes out July 15. Much like the other two covers they’ve released thus far, they keep it pretty true to the original and definitely do it justice, while giving it a slightly softer, sweeter touch.

You can stream “In The Garage,” courtesy of Rock Sound and pre-order the LP from Topshelf Records. The full track list is below:

1. My Name Is Jonas
2. Surf Wax America
3. In the Garage
4. Only in Dreams
5. Susanne

You Blew It! “My Name Is Jonas” (Weezer cover)


In anticipation of their Weezer tribute EP, “You Blue It,” Florida emo rockers You Blew It! are now streaming their cover of “My Name Is Jonas.” It’s a pretty straightforward cover that’s true to the original and packs just as powerful of a punch.

Frontman Tanner Jones had this to say about covering one of this iconic band’s most memorable songs:

To say that My Name Is Jonas is an imperfect song would be the biggest lie of all time and is probably the easiest way to out yourself as a clear poseur. This made covering it very tough. After hours of pulling our hair out, we realized that altering it just for the sake of change might be borderline sacrilegious. For good conscience, we decided to keep the song as is, and bow our heads in respect for a song that begs nothing but tribute.” (via USA Today)

If you’re looking for an instant shot of nostalgia, stream the song here via USA

You Blew It- “Surf Wax America” (Weezer cover)


“Surf Wax America” was one of my favorite songs in middle school, and I, like so many others, listened to the Blue Album like it was my full time job during my early teenage years. So needless to say, I was stoked to see that one of my new favorite bands, You Blew It! are releasing a Blue Album tribute EP called “You Blue It.”

Frontman Tanner Jones had this to say about why they chose “Surf Wax America” as one of the covers for the EP:

We chose “Surf Wax” because it’s a really great song, plain and simple. We didn’t want to do singles from the record, and luckily “Surf Wax” is one of those cuts that could have held its own as one, but seemed untouched enough to allow a fresh perspective on it. Not that we or any other band could, but we really didn’t want to try and out-do Weezer. Our goal was to add our touch to Blue, but first and foremost, we wanted pay tribute to the songs themselves in the most respectful way possible. “Surf Wax” is a great example of that I think.” (via Stereogum)

The EP will be released on 8/12 via Topshelf. Pre-order it here.