London Grammar and XX Remixes


Check out this awesome, chill remix of London Grammar’s “Darling Are You Gonna Leave Me?” Chilled out, late night vibes. If you love XX remixes, you’ll definitely want to hear this.

And speaking of XX remixes, I also uploaded a playlist full of them to soundcloud. Enjoy.

XX remixes:

The 10 Best XX Remixes


Like Ellie Goulding, the XX just beg to have their songs remixed. It’s amazing how so many of their songs have been so beautifully and artfully reinvented time and time again. I especially love these 10 chill remixes and the fact that many of them are 7 or 8 minutes long. Hours of listening pleasure….

“Missing- Round Remix”

“Swept Away- New Jackson Remix”

“Reunion- Edu Imbernon Remix”

“Fiction- Marcus Worgull Remix”

“Sunset- Jamie XX Edit”

“Chained- LIAR Remix”

“Angels- Bodhi Remix”

“Islands- Blue Nile Remix”

“Crystalised- Edu Imbernon Remix”

“Night Time- Greg Wilson Remix”