Sneak Peek at New Sufjan


On March 18, the ever elusive, always evolving mastermind that is Sufjan Stevens is apparently releasing an album with Chicago rapper Serengeti and electronic artist Son-Lux under the name “Sisyphus.” The trio previously released an EP in 2012 under the name s/s/s (sufjan, serengeti, son lux…clever/cute.)

I am absolutely blown away by the song “Take Me.” It has some qualities of the better songs on Sufjan’s latest album “The Age of Adz,” without the jarring dissonance. The sweet way in which he sings the simple refrain, “Love take me to your room/I want to be your friend,” and more plaintive lyrics like “And my heart is such a mess/And I feel like I am possessed,” might have made me a little teary eyed.

Sufjan has always been near and dear to my heart. I am eagerly anticipating the release of this album and I’m sure this song will be haunting me in my sleep tonight…

stream the whole album here:

February Playlists


Here are the playlists I used in all my regular vinyasa classes in February. The playlist called “workshop” from 2/8-2/14 was a collection of some of my all time favorite songs to teach to. I used it in an educational workshop about how to effectively create classes with mindful sequencing and music. I don’t often theme my playlists, but I had a little fun with it this month. After coming across a few great Sufjan Stevens remixes, I made a “Sufjan-a-thon” playlist that worked perfectly for class. He’s one of my all time favorite artists and great for teaching to. Another themed playlist, “Emo Yoga,” (well, about as emo as you can get without screamy vocals or super loud guitars) was a throwback playlist to my high school days to celebrate one of my favorite students and friends who is (sadly) moving to the West Coast this month…

I also teach to hip hop (which is often a mix of hip hop, mashups, remixes and electropop). There are two themed hip hop playlists- a “Kid Cudi-thon” and “slow jamz.” And this month I debuted an acoustic Friday night flow. I’ve included those playlists at the bottom.

Feb 1-7

Feb 8-14

Feb 15-22 (Sufjan-a-thon)

Feb 23-28 (“emo yoga”)


Kid Cudi-thon

Slow Jamz

Hip Hop Meets Electropop