Trey Songz- “Na Na” (Stwo remix)


I’ve always been a sucker for Trey Songz. He definitely falls right into my “guilty pleasures” listening category. This slick remix of one of his most recent singles is definitely just my style in terms of how I like my R&B/hip hop. Stwo has added some smooth, chill beats that perfectly complement the vocals and give it a more chill, streamlined, and well crafted feel than the original track.

If you like chill hip hop beats or the place where hip hop and R&B intersect, you’ll want to check this one out.

Trey Songz’ “Na Na” (Stwo remix)

The Weeknd- “Or Nah” (Stwo edit)


I feel the same way about The Weeknd as I do about Drake (which I guess makes perfect sense- they collaborate often and they’re both Canadian…) I love pretty much everything that features him and his signature vocal style. So I was really excited when I came across this awesomely dark remix of “Or Nah” by Stwo. This is exactly the kind of chill, electronic influenced hip hop I love.

Check it out:

The Weeknd “Or Nah” (Stwo edit)

Drake “All Me” (Stwo Remix)


I can never resist a Drake remix (or pretty much any track that features Drake in any way). I’ve never been a huge hip hop aficionado (although I do have an appreciation for the genre and several favorite artists within it), but Drake is one of my all time favorites. I’ve just always loved his style and his sound. I also love that it’s pretty malleable and easily remixed and altered.

Stwo has chilled out the original track a bit and made it more smooth. I think it actually flows better than the original and is more pleasant and easy to listen to. I like his beats better.

Check it out here:

Drake “All Me” (Stwo Remix)