Slow Dancing Society- “Shine”

If you like chill, ambient music that’s both delightful and soothing, you’ll definitely want to listen to this remix by Slow Dancing Society. He also has several other great remixes and ambient tracks up on his Soundcloud page.

Especially good stuff if you’re looking to chill out or if you want something minimal but still interesting to put on as background music.

Slow Dancing Society- “Pull”

Slow Dancing Society (a.k.a. Drew Sullivan) is probably my favorite chill/ambient artist. He creates exactly the kind of music that I want to hear while practicing yoga, writing or trying to lull myself to sleep. My knowledge of ambient music is limited, but I can say that his songs have a subtle radiance and a uniquely soothing quality that I don’t often hear in most music from that genre. I usually put at least one Slow Dancing Society song on the playlists I use in my yoga classes for that very reason.

His latest piece of work, “Pull,” might be my favorite so far. If you’re in the mood for something especially minimal and soothing, listen to it here and find more of his music on his soundcloud page. His albums are available on iTunes and Spotify, and my personal favorites are Laterna Magica and The Sound Of Lights When Dim.