Sam Smith vs. Lana Del Rey- “Pretty When You Latch” (Carlos Serrano Mix)

Just when I think I’m “over” the whole mashup thing, someone like Carlos Serrano creates one that’s so well thought out and perfectly blended that I just have to share it. He layers Sam Smith’s signature vocals over the instrumental tracking to Lana Del Rey’s “Pretty When You Cry” with dazzling effects. The powerful, emotive qualities of the original Disclosure/Sam Smith track are not lost at all in this mashup; rather, they’re transformed into something more haunting and stark, but equally stunning.

Sam Smith- “Life Support”

This brand new single from Sam Smith’s forthcoming debut album is every bit as heartbreakingly beautiful as I’d expect. The guy could sing pretty much anything and make it sound earnest, passionate, and emotive. This particular song, “Life Support,” makes full use of his stunning vocal range and falsetto. The instrumentation and arrangement are especially effective; there are as many understated, more hushed moments as there are moments of where the emotion and intensity soar to impressive heights.

Compared to some of his more popular songs such as “Money On My Mind,” “Latch,” and “Stay With Me,” this is on the more chill, ballad-eqsue side.

Michael Persall- Acoustic Covers

I can never resist a good acoustic cover of a pop song, and this guy does them exceptionally well. He’s a gifted singer and effectively adapts his voice to suit the mood and intention of each song. He covers everyone from Drake and Beyonce to Bob Dylan and Bon Iver. His most ambitious choice is Disclosure’s “Latch,” which features Sam Smith’s vocals, and he does an impressive job with it. Check out a few of his covers below and see more on his youtube channel:

Disclosure ft. Sam Smith “Latch”

Drake “Hold On, We’re Going Home”

Bon Iver “Skinny Love” and others

Beyonce “Drunk In Love”

Naughty Boy ft. Sam Smith “La La La” (White Panda X Gazzo remix)

This is a little more poppy and progressive house-oriented than my usual tastes, but it’s so well done and super infectious that I had to give it my seal of approval. It’s the kind of amped up anthem I’d enjoy hearing in a spin class, and it would probably motivate me to pedal harder and sprint faster. I’m a huge fan of the original song, and this is a really nice, high energy version that’s is fun to listen to.

Junn ft. Sam Smith- “When It’s Alright”


It seems like Sam Smith is everywhere these days. He’s such an amazingly gifted vocalist, it’s no wonder that producers are having him sing on their tracks.

This latest track featuring the vocal stylings of Sam Smith is a poppy old school house meets electro number from Junn (a.k.a. Fabich & Ferdinand).

Check it out here:

If you’re in love with Sam Smith….more remixes from him and others


Check out these remixes of songs by Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Jaymes Young, and Sam Smith. The first two is on the “chill house” side, the third is a little more on the dub step side, and the last is just an amazing house remix of Sam Smith’s “Money on My Mind” because you can never have enough Sam Smith.

I’ve also included a live acoustic version on Sam Smith’s “Latch” that is simply beautiful. This guy’s voice is unbelievable.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich “Atlas Hands” (Thomas Jack Remix)

Benjamin Francis Leftwich “Pictures” (FlicFlac and Bearson Remix)

Jaymes Young “Moondust” (Sound Remedy Remix)

Sam Smith “Money On My Mind” (MK Remix)

Sam Smith “Latch” (Live Acoustic Version)

Two Inch Punch Remixes: Sam Smith, Justin Timberlake, Jessie Ware, Portugal the Man


I love this guy and all his remixes and collaborations; his sound is so fresh and unique and unlike a lot of other stuff out there in the electropop world. His Sam Smith remixes are right up there with “Paint it Red,” which they did with Mikky Ekko. He infused Justin Timberlake’s “Suit and Tie” with his unique sound (tagged as “spacesynth” on soundcloud- a very fitting description, actually), and I was actually happy to listen to it despite it being a kind of tired, overplayed pop song at this point.

He also put out a chill, spacey, sparkly remix of Jessie Ware’s “If You’re Never Gonna Move,” as well as a fun twist on Portugal the Man’s “Purple, Yellow, Red and Blue.”

Check them all out here: