Slow Dancing Society- “Shine”

If you like chill, ambient music that’s both delightful and soothing, you’ll definitely want to listen to this remix by Slow Dancing Society. He also has several other great remixes and ambient tracks up on his Soundcloud page.

Especially good stuff if you’re looking to chill out or if you want something minimal but still interesting to put on as background music.

Pharrell ft. Jay Z- “Frontin'” (Disclosure Re-Work)

Although I’ve grown tired of new Pharrell songs and their various remixes, “Frontin'” will never get old, and I must say Disclosure did a pretty awesome job reworking this throwback jam. The way they’ve infused the original track and vocals with their signature sound works brilliantly. It’s a perfect poppy-yet-original summertime remix.

R. Kelly- “Ignition” (Giraffage Remix)

I guess this is the week for awesome early 00’s R&B remixes. I’m certainly not complaining. Anytime someone puts a unique spin on a track by Aaliyah, Ashanti, or even R. Kelly, I say “bring it on.” Giraffage confidently takes on R. Kelly’s “Ignition” and gives it a sparkling, synthy shine with his interesting electronic instrumentation.

It’s a great summertime remix that’s simply fun to listen to. Check it out here and download it for free.

Aaliyah- Rock The Boat (Wantigga Remix)

I never tire of hearing new remixes of this classic early 00’s R&B track by the late, great Aaliyah. This one definitely adds an enticing new flavor that makes it well worth listening to. It’s a little more funky and uptempo than the original, and Wantigga’s fresh beats enhance Aaliyah’s sexy, seductive vocals and lyrics in the best possible way.

Check it out.

Drake- “Come Thru” (James Blake Version)

Drake may have just sampled James Blake on “0 to 100,” the new track he released yesterday, but that wasn’t the first time the two have crossed paths. Blake did a pretty brilliant job reworking Drake’s “Come Thru,” which you can stream below and download for free. He put his signature touch on the track, adding that hip-hop-meets-dark-electronica touch that I love so much. It would actually be pretty awesome if Blake produced a hip hop record some day. Let’s hope…