Another awesome Ellie Goulding remix


I think “Burn” has been remixed almost as many times as “Lights” was a couple of years ago, but “Burn” hasn’t been totally burned out yet, at least for this listener.

Check out this pretty chill, deep house remix by Gryffin. It’s my favorite remix of this song so far, right next to “Maths Time Joy Remix,” which I’ve posted a link to below.

“Burn (Gryffin Remix)”

“Maths Time Joy Remix”

Pharrell & The Weeknd, Remixed.


Pharrell’s smash hit, “Happy” is all over the place right now, and I have to say I like this remix by NEUS so much better than the original song. It’s slightly slower, smoother, and has just the right amount of thick bass.

Also, check out Pharrell’s must hear remix of The Weeknd’s “Wanderlust.” So many good remixes of The Weeknd’s stuff lately, and I’m loving it….