Porter Robinson- “Lionhearted”

I’m absolutely loving the new directions and risks Porter Robinson is taking with his upcoming album. He’s definitely one of the most innovative electronic musicians out there, and this new track, “Lionhearted,” is further proof. I definitely hear elements of a Passion Pit-like sound, especially in the vocals, and that’s a good thing. His new music will definitely appeal to fans of Passion Pit, M83, and MGMT, and he’ll certainly attract a different, broader audience now that he’s stepped away from EDM and carved out his own niche in the electro/indie/synth pop genre.

Check out a preview of “Lionhearted” from BBC Radio 1:

Porter Robinson- “Sad Machine”


I’m really excited about the evolution of Porter Robinson’s music and the direction he’s going in as an artist. Much like “Sea of Voices,” the first single he released from his upcoming album, this new track, “Sad Machine” is quite a departure from his previous work. It’s on the more upbeat, bouncy side, but it has a smoothness and sophistication that makes it remarkably different than the material found on his 2011 EP “Spitfire.”

Robinson has definitely stepped away from EDM and is carving an exciting new niche for himself that will separate him from mainstream artists like Avicii and Zedd, which makes me pretty happy. I’m really digging his new style and can’t wait to hear more of his new stuff.

Stream “Sad Machine” here:

Porter Robinson- “Sad Machine”

Porter Robinson- “Sea of Voices” (Ananda Flip)


I always love it when a producer can rework a song in a subtle, careful way in order to create a listening experience that’s refreshing and interesting while maintaining the general vibe of the original track. Colorado producer Ananda has done just that with this Porter Robinson track. It’s blissful and beautiful like the original track, but with a backdrop of chilled out beats that breathes new life into a song that has already been remixed quite a bit.

Check it out here:

Electro/House remix of Porter Robinson’s “Sea of Voices”


Parisian producer LEVI has reworked Porter Robinson’s already amazing “Sea of Voices,” adding a more upbeat, house-y quality to the chill vocals, and it totally works. This will be a standout among the many remixes of this song that keep coming…

Check it out here. It’s a free download courtesy of thissongissick.com


RAC remixes Porter Robinson’s “Sea of Voices”


RAC has put his signature bright, indie-poppy spin on Porter Robinson’s “Sea of Voices,” and the results are refreshing. The sunny, bouncy beats that RAC supplies complement the ethereal vocals of the song, making it more fun and a little danceable. This is just one of many remixes to come, but I’m sure it will rank among the best.

Check it out here:


Chill Porter Robinson/Coldplay Mashup


Although I’m not into mashups as much these days (so many of them either just don’t work or seem uninspired), this one by The Kite String Tangle caught my ear right away, especially since I am all about Porter Robinson’s new track. The two songs are artfully blended together and the result is a lush soundscape that is perfect to chill out to.

Check it out here: