Ryan Hemsworth’s “Cool DJ Mix”


If you’re feeling a little ADD today or just want some awesome new music to get lost in for about an hot, check out Ryan Hemsworth’s first DJ mix of 2014. The spoken word intro and they way in which he listed all the tracks are really amusing. It includes everything from Son Lux (who is one third of the amazing indie/hip hop super group “Sisyphus”) to new Lykke Li to old school Alanis Morrisette to tons of great stuff from a bunch of artists and producers who I’m unfamiliar with.

Stream it here:


Also, if you’re looking for a little more of Ryan Hemsworth’s work, check out this track:


Chill Electro Mixtape: “After The Lights Go Out…”


Perfect for those nights when you’re up late studying, restless, or when you just want some awesome mood/background music with a little bit of a beat and some vocals, this mixtape is inspired in part by my black light yoga classes and generally evocative of life “after the lights go out…” The last few tracks are sure to lull you into a peaceful sleep, too.