Saint Pepsi “Unhappy” (American Football Remix)

This is one of the more intriguing and unique remixes I’ve heard in a while. It takes American Football’s “The Summer Ends,” puts it on speed, distorts the vocals, and ties it all together with a bright, wistful, trappy beat that lends an oddly blissful, otherworldly feeling to the forlorn tale of departure and endings that colors the original song.

It’s interesting that Saint Pepsi chose to call his remix “Unhappy” because, while American Football’s lyrics and delivery were definitely meant to convey a certain sadness, this remix puts me on the complete opposite end of the emotional spectrum. And that’s not a bad thing at all. It’s a bold move to completely flip a song in this way, but Saint Pepsi pulls it off pretty powerfully, and I think the members of American Football would agree.

American Football- “Never Meant” (Official Video)

Fifteen years after the release of their eponymous (and their only full length) album, recently reunited emo legends American Football give us this official video for “Never Meant.” It’s a total late 90’s flashback in the best possible way, and it will most likely bring at least a few tears to your eyes. It’s an especially well crafted music video that is definitely worth watching more than once.