Mansions On The Moon- acoustic EP and a cover


I’ve been enamored with this band’s unique style of indie pop since they released the “Lightyears” EP in 2012, and I likened them to a more chill answer to Passion Pit. Their songs sparkle with dreamy vocals, beautiful harmonies, and synths; and the musical landscape they navigate varies between chillwave and “acoustic indie.” The EPs they’ve released offer listeners a nice balance of upbeat indiepop and more chill, introspective tunes.

I recently stumbled upon their latest EP, “Lost and Found,” as well as an acoustic cover of Mazzy Star’s “Fade Into You” that they recorded several months ago, and I was blown away by the stripped down, understated beauty of these songs. A few of them are acoustic reworkings of songs from their previous EPs, a few are very short, but all are absolutely stunning and worthy of your full, undivided attention.

“Fade Into You” (cover)

“Lost and Found” (EP)