Mitch Marzuola- “Kanye Horseman”

I haven’t heard many hip hop-related remixes or mashups that have left an impression lately, but this one caught my ear recently with its playful, effective use of TV theme music. It uses the opening theme to the new Netflix Original cartoon “BoJack Horseman” as the backdrop to the vocals from Kanye West’s “Can’t Tell Me Nothing.” Kanye’s vocals pair well with the chill, slightly offbeat theme music, and the production sounds well-arranged and pretty flawless. If you’re a Kanye fan, this is a fun, intriguing new way to experience one of his best (but not especially popular) songs.

Sam Smith vs. Lana Del Rey- “Pretty When You Latch” (Carlos Serrano Mix)

Just when I think I’m “over” the whole mashup thing, someone like Carlos Serrano creates one that’s so well thought out and perfectly blended that I just have to share it. He layers Sam Smith’s signature vocals over the instrumental tracking to Lana Del Rey’s “Pretty When You Cry” with dazzling effects. The powerful, emotive qualities of the original Disclosure/Sam Smith track are not lost at all in this mashup; rather, they’re transformed into something more haunting and stark, but equally stunning.

Notorious B.I.G./Dilla- “Everyday Struggle” (Amin Payne Blend)

I can never resist a good Biggie remix/mashup, and this one definitely has all the right ingredients. It’s smooth like butter and perfect for a summer/party playlist. If you like hip hop mixed with funk, this will be right up your alley.

Check out Amin Payne’s Soundcloud page for more awesome songs and remixes.

“Magic Big Poppa” (I.V.’s re-twist)


First of all, I love all the euphemisms out there for “remix” and “mashup.” Re-twist? That’s new to me. Secondly, decent mashups are few and far between these days. Just when I think I’m totally over that genre, something like this comes along that’s clever and well crafted.

These Biggie and Coldplay tracks sound great together, and they’re pretty artfully blended. Check it out:

“Magic Big Poppa” (I.V.’s re-twist)

Aywy- “808s & Sade”


I’m absolutely loving this really interesting project that Australian producer Aywy did back in January. Starting on January 1, he remixed one song a day from Sade’s 1984 album “Diamond Life” using 808 samples. If you like the idea of smooth R&B that’s been flipped, with some awesome more modern beats added to it, then check this playlist out. The “Smooth Operator” remix is the best one, in my opinion.

He also has some other creative mashups and remixes (using artists such as the Weeknd, Aaliyah, and Justin Timberlake) that are definitely worth listening to and downloading…

Hip hop mashup MANIA!


Holy crap- I was looking for a specific mashup of a Jay-Z song, and I just happened to find the mother lode of hip hop mashups by Duncan Gerow on Soundcloud. There are 225 tracks in his playlist, listed alphabetically by artist, and he includes everything from Aaliyah and Fabolous to Childish Gambino and Kendrick Lamar. He has a ton of other great stuff on his page too. I could listen all day. Definitely worth checking out and downloading.

The 10 Best Biggie Mashups


When I saw that today is the 17th anniversary of Notorious B.I.G’s death, I thought of all the mashups and remixes of his songs I’ve heard in recent years and decided to compile a list of the best ones here. Other than Jay-Z and Kanye, Biggie has to be the most “mashed up” hip hop artist of all time. When I started teaching hip hop yoga, I began to amass a crazy amount of mashups, and the amount I have that involve Biggie is kind of insane.

I was in 8th grade when he died, and although I was aware of his music then, mostly the song “Hypnotize,” I didn’t start to appreciate him (or hip hop in general) until later in high school. I was heavily into indie and punk bands then, like Sonic Youth, Pavement, and NOFX, and hip hop wasn’t even on my radar. It’s interesting to remember that back then, before the internet was really a thing, my only music sources were “Rolling Stone,” “Spin,” the radio, and the staff at my favorite record stores, and I only happened to hear that Biggie had died by listening to the radio after school that day. Now, in the age of viral videos and Buzzfeed lists, we are instantly bombarded with tweets, status updates and texts when anything happens in the music or entertainment world, and 17th anniversaries are actually noteworthy things that we commemorate.

Here’s my Biggie Mashup list:

1.) “Big Poppa Is Sleepless” by Jaymee Frachina and Jeremy Smith (Biggie vs. Flume). You could pretty much mash up any song with “Sleepless” and it would be gold.

2.) “Party and Bullshit in the USA” (Biggie vs. Miley Cyrus)
Remember when Miley was all cute and innocent, circa the summer of 2009? This mashup never gets old, in my opinion.

3.) “Some Other Party In Paradise” By Brenton Duvall (Biggie vs. Phil Collins)
Biggie and cheesy 80’s music…what is not to love?

4.) “Vesuvius’ Struggle” by Benjamin Dranklin (Biggie vs. Sufjan Stevens)
Talk about two very different artists coming together in the most beautiful way…The pic of the two of them next to the track is priceless.

5.) “Hypnotize Portlandia” by Chi Duly (Biggie vs. Washed Out)
One of my favorite mashups of all time, this one just flows perfectly.

6.) “Float On Juicy Fruit” by MOLF (Biggie vs. Modest Mouse)
The beat of “Float On” actually works pretty well with the beat of “Juicy.” Works for me. Fun mashup.

7.) “Phantosize” by Jeff Kyung (Biggie vs. Phantogram)
The beats blend pretty perfectly.

8.) “Juicy Little Secrets” by Clay and Justin (Biggie vs. Passion Pit)

9.) “Fuck With Mo’ Money” (Biggie, Mase, and Diddy vs. Penguin Prison)
Perfect electro/old school hip hop mashup! Total ear candy.

10.) “Wrong Game” (Biggie vs. Lana Del Rey)
This whole mixtape, “Born Ready to Die” by Terry Urban is pure genius. Check out the whole thing on soundcloud.