Sam Smith vs. Lana Del Rey- “Pretty When You Latch” (Carlos Serrano Mix)

Just when I think I’m “over” the whole mashup thing, someone like Carlos Serrano creates one that’s so well thought out and perfectly blended that I just have to share it. He layers Sam Smith’s signature vocals over the instrumental tracking to Lana Del Rey’s “Pretty When You Cry” with dazzling effects. The powerful, emotive qualities of the original Disclosure/Sam Smith track are not lost at all in this mashup; rather, they’re transformed into something more haunting and stark, but equally stunning.

Lana Del Rey- “Brooklyn Baby”

Lana Del Rey just released another song from her upcoming album “Ultraviolence,” which comes out on June 17. It’s a darkly beautiful, lo-fi ballad, and it might be my favorite song I’ve heard off “Ultraviolence” so far.

Also, here’s the tracklist for the album:

01. Cruel World
02. Ultraviolence
03. Shades of Cool
04. Brooklyn Baby
05. West Coast
06. Sad Girl
07. Pretty When You Cry
08. Money Power Glory
09. Fucked My Way Up to the Top
10. Old Money
11. The Other Woman
12. Black Beauty *
13. Guns and Roses *
14. Florida Kilos *

* = bonus tracks

Lana Del Rey- “Ultraviolence”

And just when I thought this day couldn’t possibly get any better musically, Lana Del Rey decides to give us another sneak preview of her sophomore album with the title track, “Ultraviolence.” It’s marked by that unmistakeable hazy, sultry ambience that has made her sound and style so iconic.

This new album should be pretty amazing, given what we’ve heard of it so far. It comes out next week. In the meantime, stream the title track here:

Lana Del Rey “Shades of Cool”

Here’s another song to keep us all satisfied while we eagerly wait for Lana Del Rey’s new album to be released next month. It’s in turns dark, haunting, dreamy, downcast, and alluring; all the qualities one would expect to hear in a Lana song. It builds to a pretty cacophonous, tortured climax before slowing down to a hazy crawl again and ending with the refrain “your heart is unbreakable.”

Definitely a pretty breathtaking listening experience.

Lana Del Rey- “West Coast”

Given the crazy amount of times Lana Del Rey has been remixed, this is the first in a series of what will probably be a ridiculous number of “West Coast” remixes that we will be bombarded with all summer. And this one will definitely stand out in a sea of mediocre reinterpretations. Grades give it a funky, breezy vibe, which works well with Lana’s vocals and effectively maintains the chill and sultry feel of the original song.

It’s smooth, seductive, and just plain pleasant to listen to you. Give it a listen and let it entice you…

Lana Del Rey- “West Coast” (Four Tet remix)


This is the first awesome Lana Del Rey remix in a line of many more that will follow once her new album is released. Four Tet has amped and sped it up with some extra caffeinated beats, which makes for a remarkably different landscape and vibe than the sultry haze of the original song. It definitely makes for an interesting listening experience.

Check it out here:

Lana Del Rey- “West Coast” (Four Tet Remix)

Lana Del Rey- “West Coast” (Dan Auerbach Mix)


The Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach, who produced Lana Del Rey’s upcoming album, has just released an alternate mix of her single “West Coast.” It’s honestly practically identical to the original, with a slight extra bit of emphasis on Del Rey’s vocals. “West Coast” is such a great song that I couldn’t help but share it again, even if it isn’t really a “remix.” Can’t wait for her new album…