La Dispute: Can I Even Call Them Post-Hardcore?


Labels…what do they even mean anymore and are they useful, accurate, or descriptive? That is a whole other post, coming soon…

La Dispute is one of those bands that you could try to lump into the “emo revival/post hardcore” genre, but they really do defy categorization, especially with the unique, varied sound they offer up on this new album. It’s raw, highly emotional, and a mix of spoken word poetry and scream-singing, but it’s so much more than that.

Upon first listen it brought me back to my late high school days, when I discovered the band Cursive and bought their album “Domestica.” I heard hints of that album in both the quality of sound and the potent lyrical theme of a crumbling relationship.

If you’re into the whole emo revival/post hardcore/whatever-you-want-to-call-it genre, this album is definitely worth multiple listens.

They’re about to go on tour, and sadly several of their shows in the Northeast have already sold out. Check out their tour dates, merch, and album pre-order info here and support this unique and amazing band.

And their new album “Rooms of the House” is available to stream here, courtesy of Noisey: