Jaymes Young- “Come Back For Me”

Jaymes Young is a master of the brooding, sultry, slow burning brand of electronic indiepop that has grown in popularity with the rise of artists such as Mikky Ekko and Ellie Goulding. His latest song, “Come Back For Me,” off his upcoming EP, Habits of My Heart is decidedly darker and more downtempo than the title track, but just as catchy and intriguing. His seductive croon is backed by a chill, steadily driving set of simple beats that entice the listener with a haunting echo. Young is definitely an artist to watch as the rest of 2014 plays out. I’m hoping he will finally give us a full album in 2015.

“Best Shot”- Birdy & Jaymes Young

Jaymes Young is right up there with Ellie Goulding in my book; I could listen to him sing “Twinkle Twinkle” and be totally satisfied. I love this new song from the soundtrack to “The Fault In Our Stars” that he’s featured in. I only wish it had more of his voice in it. It sounds like more of a Birdy solo song, and although their harmonies are spot on, her vocals almost overpower his. I like his overall sound and style better than Birdy’s, and I wish the soundtrack included one of his solo songs. Nonetheless this is a beautiful ballad if you like music that’s on the more poppy/mellow side.

The soundtrack looks decent and well rounded. It features M83, STRFKR, Lykke Li, and Ed Sheeran, among others.

Jaymes Young- “One Last Time” (Jenaux Remix)


Jenaux has transformed this emotionally wrenching and beautifully subdued song by Jaymes Young into quite a banger. And surprisingly, it works. It sounds a bit like what would result if Jaymes Young did vocals on a Zedd track. His smooth, sultry vocals fit with the amped up instrumentation and beats, and Jenaux does a nice job working them in.

Jaymes Young- “One Last Time” (Jenaux Remix)

Jaymes Young- “What Is Love” (Lost Frequencies Bootleg)


I think I might have just fallen more in love with Jaymes Young after hearing this absolutely brilliant cover of the massive 90’s club hit “What Is Love?” by Haddway. Just listen to it. What is *not to* love?

And I might like the “Lost Frequencies Bootleg” even more. He did an amazing job reworking it with some nice chill, infectious beats.

And if that wasn’t enough, Tim Gunter added his own chill spin to the original song with his “808 bootleg.”

GOOD stuff…

What Is Love (Jaymes Young Cover)

Lost Frequencies Bootleg

Tim Gunter 808 Bootleg

Jaymes Young: “Phaeleh ‘Distraction’ Mix” and “Moondust (Stripped)”


I can’t get enough Jaymes Young lately…I feel like he’s going to become more and more popular, especially after he releases his debut album and his duet with Birdy from the soundtrack to “The Fault In Our Stars.”

He has an awesome EP, “Dark Star,” that’s available on iTunes and spotify. But his best tracks are on soundcloud. My absolute favorite is “Habits of the Heart,” which samples Sufjan Stevens “Concerning the UFO..” These two songs are also amazing and worth checking out.

If you’re a fan of Mikky Ekko or Sam Smith, you definitely need to hear Jaymes Young.



Jaymes Young and James Vincent McMorrow remixes by 67th hour


A Dutch producer who goes by the name of “67th Hour” recently remixed songs by Jaymes Young and James Vincent McMorrow and both have a “chill electro/house” vibe. You’ll probably love these if you’re a fan of artists like the XX, James Blake, and SBTKRT.

Check out his soundcloud page for other great remixes too.



If you’re in love with Sam Smith….more remixes from him and others


Check out these remixes of songs by Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Jaymes Young, and Sam Smith. The first two is on the “chill house” side, the third is a little more on the dub step side, and the last is just an amazing house remix of Sam Smith’s “Money on My Mind” because you can never have enough Sam Smith.

I’ve also included a live acoustic version on Sam Smith’s “Latch” that is simply beautiful. This guy’s voice is unbelievable.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich “Atlas Hands” (Thomas Jack Remix)


Benjamin Francis Leftwich “Pictures” (FlicFlac and Bearson Remix)


Jaymes Young “Moondust” (Sound Remedy Remix)


Sam Smith “Money On My Mind” (MK Remix)


Sam Smith “Latch” (Live Acoustic Version)