Chet Faker & GoldLink- “On You”

Chet Faker and GoldLink teamed up as part of a recording series by Yours Truly and Adidas called #songsfromscratch. As the name implies, the series pairs two artists, who collaborate on and record a new track from scratch.

“On You,” the end result of this particular collaboration, is an interesting hybrid of soulful electronica and hip hop that seamlessly blends Faker’s falsetto with GoldLink’s freestyle flows.

Stream it below.

“Magic Big Poppa” (I.V.’s re-twist)


First of all, I love all the euphemisms out there for “remix” and “mashup.” Re-twist? That’s new to me. Secondly, decent mashups are few and far between these days. Just when I think I’m totally over that genre, something like this comes along that’s clever and well crafted.

These Biggie and Coldplay tracks sound great together, and they’re pretty artfully blended. Check it out:

“Magic Big Poppa” (I.V.’s re-twist)