Elliot Moss- “Slip” (JNTHN STEIN Remix)

If the intersection of trap and minimal Bon Iver-eqsue indie music sounds sonically appealing to you, this remix might become your new favorite thing. JNTHN STEIN has managed to make this excellent Elliot Moss track even more darkly compelling, with a sinister, driving beat and thickly layered instrumentation that envelops the listener but preserves the vocals that made the original track so stunning in the first place.

Definitely one of the best remixes I’ve come across in a while. Give it a listen, and repeat…

Broods- “Mother & Father”

If you’re looking for irresistibly catchy, intelligently crafted pop with a slightly dark, moody edge that sets it apart from the mass of generic stuff out there, look no further than the latest single from New Zealand electropop duo Broods. With a steady, driving beat, soaring, yearning choruses, and wonderfully varied vocal dynamics, it evokes the best work of artists such as Ellie Goulding, Lorde, Florence and The Machine, and MSMR. I’m thinking “Mother & Father” just might be the song that gains this relatively new duo even more recognition and popularity.

Stream it here: