Chill Electro Mixtape: “After The Lights Go Out…”


Perfect for those nights when you’re up late studying, restless, or when you just want some awesome mood/background music with a little bit of a beat and some vocals, this mixtape is inspired in part by my black light yoga classes and generally evocative of life “after the lights go out…” The last few tracks are sure to lull you into a peaceful sleep, too.

Sufjan Stevens Electro Remixes

Stumbled upon some amazing chill electro remixes of Sufjan Stevens songs.  Several of his songs and his vocal style in general go so well with a chilled out, electronic beat and even a little bit of chill dubstep. See especially “CluelessBeats” on soundcloud and youtube for the best remixes. He’s also got some awesome remixes of the XX, Bon Iver and Bright Eyes.