This is the REMIX 6

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I meant to post this at the end of June…but here it is now, my carefully curated monthly playlist of all the best remixes I’ve come across. As always, it’s super eclectic, with artists ranging from Drake and James Blake to Gorillaz and Daft Punk, then winding down with more chill stuff.

It’s just shy of 2 hours long and makes for a pretty fun, varied listening experience. Check it out here:

Drake- “Come Thru” (James Blake Version)

Drake may have just sampled James Blake on “0 to 100,” the new track he released yesterday, but that wasn’t the first time the two have crossed paths. Blake did a pretty brilliant job reworking Drake’s “Come Thru,” which you can stream below and download for free. He put his signature touch on the track, adding that hip-hop-meets-dark-electronica touch that I love so much. It would actually be pretty awesome if Blake produced a hip hop record some day. Let’s hope…

Drake- “0 to 100/The Catch Up”

Drake just dropped a new song this morning that hints at the release date of his next album, with the lyrics, “We already got Spring 2015 popping… not to mention me dropping.” In the style of some of his other work (Cameras/Good Ones Go), he seamlessly blends two songs into a single track. Also, I’m pretty sure I hear James Blake at the very end…Nice choice, Drake.

Drake- “Over” (Maximus MMC Remix)

Maximus MMC lends a dark, chill trap-influenced sound to this Drake hit, providing an enticingly ominous backdrop that changes the overall mood of the song in an interesting and effective way. The softer beats also serve to enhance Drake’s vocals. Being a fan of hip hop that’s on the more chill, downtempo side, I actually prefer his version to the original track.

This is definitely one of the best Drake remixes I’ve heard. You’ll love it if you’re a fan of Drake, Kid Cudi, or hip hop with dark, chill beats.

Michael Persall- Acoustic Covers

I can never resist a good acoustic cover of a pop song, and this guy does them exceptionally well. He’s a gifted singer and effectively adapts his voice to suit the mood and intention of each song. He covers everyone from Drake and Beyonce to Bob Dylan and Bon Iver. His most ambitious choice is Disclosure’s “Latch,” which features Sam Smith’s vocals, and he does an impressive job with it. Check out a few of his covers below and see more on his youtube channel:

Disclosure ft. Sam Smith “Latch”

Drake “Hold On, We’re Going Home”

Bon Iver “Skinny Love” and others

Beyonce “Drunk In Love”

Drake “All Me” (Stwo Remix)


I can never resist a Drake remix (or pretty much any track that features Drake in any way). I’ve never been a huge hip hop aficionado (although I do have an appreciation for the genre and several favorite artists within it), but Drake is one of my all time favorites. I’ve just always loved his style and his sound. I also love that it’s pretty malleable and easily remixed and altered.

Stwo has chilled out the original track a bit and made it more smooth. I think it actually flows better than the original and is more pleasant and easy to listen to. I like his beats better.

Check it out here:

Drake “All Me” (Stwo Remix)

Drake and Local Natives Remixes by Soft Glas


Soft Glas is one of the best remixers I’ve found recently on soundcloud. He just reworked Drake’s “Days In The East” and it’s genius. He also has some awesome remixes of songs by one of my favorite indie rock bands, Local Natives.

Check him out and follow him on soundcloud. You won’t be disappointed.

ASTR cover Drake’s “Hold On We’re Going Home”


ASTR did a great job reworking this massive Drake hit. It has a nice, chill electro vibe and it actually breathes new life into a song that was hugely popular this past year. Definitely worth checking out:

While you’re at it check out their original song “Operate,” which I can’t get enough of lately…