Nothing- “Guilty of Everything”


“Guilty of Everything” is definitely a contender for my favorite album of 2014, right up there with Manchester Orchestra’s “Cope.” It’s a seamlessly crafted 38 minutes of hazy, shimmery, “shoegaze revival” marked by just a touch of post-hardcore influence. Frontman Dominic Palermo’s previous project was the hardcore band Horror Show, which might explain the rather heavy sound that characterizes his unique brand of layered, distorted dream-pop. Imagine a slightly darker, more sedated, but still somewhat intense version of My Bloody Valentine or Cocteau Twins and you’ll get a rough of idea of their sound. If you like those bands or 90’s alt-rock in the style of early Smashing Pumpkins, then you’re definitely in for a treat.

It’s a deep daydream-inducing sort of record that I find myself listening to in bed with my eyes closed, and it definitely makes for an interesting listening experience, as it alternates between being all warm, fuzzy and blissed out, then intense and assaulting with bursts of swirling dissonance.

This is definitely the kind of album to which you would want to devote a full block of uninterrupted time, so you can appreciate it in full. Therefore, I’d recommend listening to it from start to finish.

You can stream it here: