Dawn Golden- “Still Life” video

Dawn Golden, a solo side project of Houses’ Dexter Tortoriello, released one of the best, most overlooked albums of this year. You can get a taste for his uniquely hazy, distorted, and darkly blissed out brand of indie rock/electronica by watching the recently released video for the album’s title track, “Still Life.”

If you like Houses or other artists whose work is in a similar vein, such as Active Child, How To Dress Well, or James Blake, “Still Life” is definitely worth your attention.

Dawn Golden- “Discoloration” (Beshken Remix)

I can’t get enough of Dexter Tortoriello’s music lately, and I’m absolutely loving his side project, Dawn Golden. The remixes of certain songs from that project have been impressive so far, and this one in particular is absolutely delightful. It’s one of those remixes I’ve had to listen to more than five or six times in a row because it’s that well produced and sonically pleasing. Everything about it is smooth, captivating, and perfectly arranged. If you like electronic music at all, I can almost guarantee you’ll find something to love about this.

Dawn Golden “Still Life”

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Dawn Golden is the side project of Dexter Tortoriello of Houses. He is set to release his debut LP “Still Life,” this Tuesday (5/13) If you loved Houses’ most recent album or if you have a penchant for chilled out indie pop that’s both dreamy and a little dark, you will love what he has created under his “Dawn Golden” alias.

Stream the album on hypem and look for it on spotify, iTunes, etc. on 5/13.

Dawn Golden- “Still Life” LP (stream)