Benjamin Francis Leftwich “Shine” (Kygo Remix)


I’ve been loving Kygo’s remixes lately; he’s definitely become one of my favorites. And I’ve also been loving all the remixes of Benjamin Francis Leftwich songs out there; he’s been a pretty popular artist to remix. Kygo’s spin on “Shine” is upbeat, sunny, and tropical and should put you in a good mood…

Benjamin Francis Leftwich- “Snowship” Thomas Jack Remix


There are several good remixes of this guy’s songs floating around out there, and I just happened to stumble upon this one by Thomas Jack. It has a nice laid back, sunny, beach-y vibe. I like his style.

Check it out if you’re in the mood for something that’s both fun and chill…

If you’re in love with Sam Smith….more remixes from him and others


Check out these remixes of songs by Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Jaymes Young, and Sam Smith. The first two is on the “chill house” side, the third is a little more on the dub step side, and the last is just an amazing house remix of Sam Smith’s “Money on My Mind” because you can never have enough Sam Smith.

I’ve also included a live acoustic version on Sam Smith’s “Latch” that is simply beautiful. This guy’s voice is unbelievable.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich “Atlas Hands” (Thomas Jack Remix)

Benjamin Francis Leftwich “Pictures” (FlicFlac and Bearson Remix)

Jaymes Young “Moondust” (Sound Remedy Remix)

Sam Smith “Money On My Mind” (MK Remix)

Sam Smith “Latch” (Live Acoustic Version)