Banks- “Drowning”

If you like your music dark, sultry and seductive and you’re not already in love with Banks, then you’re definitely missing out. She’s like what would happen if Lana Del Rey and The Weeknd got together…This latest track from her forthcoming album “Goddess” further proves that she’s on fire. The album is shaping up to be a pretty enticing work of art so far, and I can’t wait.

Banks- “Bedroom Wall” (CRNKN Remix)


Banks is pretty hot right now, and it’s easy to see why. Her vocals have a seductive appeal and her songs are marked by a pretty subdued but alluring electronic style that’s unlike a lot of other female artists out there today. I think of her as the female equivalent to an artist like SOHN, Mikky Ekko, or even James Blake. Or maybe like a “Lana Del Rey/Ellie Goulding Jr.”

Her songs lend themselves so well to being remixed and lots of producers have done a great job re-envisioning her work. CRNKN’s take on “Bedroom Wall” is one of the best reworkings of her songs I’ve found. Check it out:

“Bedroom Wall” (CRNKN remix)

Banks- “Goddess”

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If you like dark, downtempo, electronic music with seductive vocals, you’ll love “Goddess,” the new single by Banks. It’s from her forthcoming debut album, which I’m sure will prove to be a pretty impressive body of work.

Fans of SOHN, Polica, How to Dress Well, the Weeknd, and London Grammar should be all over this.

Stream the song here:

Banks “Goddess”

Two Awesome Covers: Banks does Aaliyah and London Grammar do INXS


Banks just released an acoustic cover of Aaliyah’s “Are You That Somebody?” and it’s honestly one of the best cover songs I’ve heard in ages. Spot on, and the girl can SING.

Also check out London Grammar’s cover of INXS’s “The Devil Inside,” now only available as a short clip used on HBO’s “Game of Thrones” season 4 trailer. I’m sure we’ll be seeing the full version soon.

Banks “Are You That Somebody?”

London Grammar “The Devil Inside”