Pentimento- “It’s Okay” (Space Jam Session)

Pentimento have mastered the art of recreating their songs as bare bones acoustic renditions, stripping away the swelling, churning instrumentation and slightly gritty, impassioned vocals that typifies their brand of pop punk, and leaving behind a delicate, simple shell that conveys a more subtle kind of beauty and power. Their latest acoustic recording, “It’s Okay,” from their 2013 EP Inside The Sea, is another installment in the impressive Space Jam Sessions, who have acoustic performances by variety of bands on their website, all of which are worth checking out. Stream “It’s Okay” below and be sure to check out some other sessions.

Saves The Day and Say Anything cover each other


Saves The Day and Say Anything, who will embark on a tour in November to celebrate the respective 15th and 10th anniversaries of (arguably) their most popular albums, recorded two acoustic covers of each other’s songs. See the link below to stream Saves The Day covering “Belt” and Say Anything covering “You Vandal,” and also to view tour dates. The two bands will also be supported by Reggie and The Full Effect on tour.

Ace Enders- Space Jam acoustic session plus a new song teaser

After an acoustic tour this summer, the ever versatile and amazingly prolific Ace Enders is back at it with a new acoustic performance of a classic Early November song and a video teaser for a new song called “Keep Moving.” Longtime Early November fans will remember the acoustic version of “Sunday Drive” that appears on the band’s 2005 release, The Acoustic EP. This latest version of the song certainly recaptures the beauty and power of its predecessor, and it finds Enders in top vocal form. The slightly more stripped down, unpolished nature of this new recording allows the alternating sweetness, anguish, and longing in his voice to come through with a heightened intensity.

The new song, “Keep Moving,” sounds like it would have fit perfectly on The Early November’s 2012 LP, In Currents. It has a lush, reflective, but also driving and visceral feel similar to the general landscape of that album. I will wait with eager anticipation for whatever else Ace has up his sleeve. The man is full of delightful surprises.

Light Years- “Hindsight” (acoustic) and “Aliens Exist” (Blink-182 cover)

Light Years frontman Pat Kennedy recorded a mini acoustic session for Zero Platoon, performing a cover of Blink-182’s “Aliens Exist” as well as “Hindsight,” my personal favorite song from their debut LP, I Won’t Hold This Against You. The video for “Hindsight” also features an interview with Pat that touches upon the band’s backstory, the challenges that go along with being a touring musician, and the important influence of his father and of other bands like Blink-182, Saves The Day, and The Get Up Kids on his career as a musician.

Light Years will release a new EP, Temporary, via Animal Style Records on September 9th that can be pre-ordered here.

Seahaven- “Andreas” (Acoustic Video)

Seahaven, whose latest album, Reverie Lagoon…, is one of my favorites of 2014, have just given us a more intimate, stripped down way of experiencing one of the more musically energetic, bouncy tracks on that generally moody, reflective, somber album. This acoustic version of “Andreas” lends a deeper sense of vulnerability and rawness to the song’s dark lyrical content, allowing lines such as “Come to me, come to me/I’ll be your friend/Leave sitting alone at home/ With your open wrists that bleed all over,” to resonate on an even deeper level.

The Republic of Wolves- “Heavenly Father” (Bon Iver cover)

The Republic of Wolves recently posted a cover of Bon Iver’s latest track, “Heavenly Father,” from the “Wish I Was Here” soundtrack. I’m not a huge fan of Bon Iver (or Zach Braff for that matter), and I didn’t care for “Heavenly Father” much at all. The loop that Justin Vernon used for the background kind of grates on my senses and detracts from my ability to appreciate the vocals. But strip away the loop, add in a simple acoustic guitar, and it’s a whole new song that manages to sound a lot cleaner than the original. Sure, the vocals here may not be quite as haunting, emotive or impressive in range as Vernon’s, but they work well within the context of the stripped down, solo acoustic landscape of this cover.

Stream it below:

Pentimento- Acoustic Sessions

Pentimento are an extremely underrated band who don’t quite seem to “fit in” to either the current pop punk or “emo ” scene, and given my affinity for bands who defy genres, it makes sense that I’ve really grown to love them. Their typically gritty, but still rather poppy and anthemic sound has always made me think of bands like Taking Back Sunday and Brand New. Their songs also resonate especially well as acoustic versions, and frontman Jeramiah Pauly’s vocals sound so sweet and earnest in this particular session.

They just recorded three acoustic songs for The Garden Statement during their current co-headlining tour with Have Mercy and Gates, which you can listen to below.

If you like them, check out the acoustic cover of Jimmy Eat World’s “The Middle” that Jeramiah recorded this spring.

Two O’Clock Courage- “There, There” (The Wonder Years Acoustic Cover)

Just as The Wonder Years frontman Dan Campbell released his acoustic solo debut as “Aaron West and The Roaring Twenties,” Two O’Clock Courage recorded an acoustic cover of TWY’s “There, There.” Interesting timing. The vocals are “cleaner” and a little more tender, and the stripped down nature of the recording lends an extra touch of desperation and vulnerability to the song’s lyrical themes of anxiety and self-consciousness.