From Indian Lakes- “Breathe, Desperately”

Some songs are so beautifully and intricately constructed that it becomes especially difficult to try to capture their essence and power in words. Such is the case with many songs by From Indian Lakes, who are admittedly one of my favorite bands to emerge from this current decade. Their latest song, “Breathe, Desperately,” the third single from their upcoming album Absent Sounds, is a stunning hybrid of sounds and emotions, and it moves along with an almost majestic turbulence. The bursts and rushes of rhythm that accent the song with a heightened sense of urgency and drama are the perfect vehicle to carry Joey Vanucchi’s triumphantly emotive vocals through this mesmerizing sonic landscape.

So without further ado, listen, repeat, and then pre-order Absent Sounds here. The album comes out 10/7 and a fall tour to support Relient K will follow soon after.

4 thoughts on “From Indian Lakes- “Breathe, Desperately”

    • “Ghost” is my favorite of the three singles they’ve released thus far, but they’re all so good. It’s definitely worth preordering on vinyl, and I’m sure it will rank in my top 10 albums of the year.

      • I listened to that album a few times this summer, but I think I was in a slightly more “poppy”/lighthearted mode then, and maybe I didn’t fully soak it up. Must revisit it. I loved “First Temple,” and I assumed they had broken up or gone on “indefinite hiatus” after releasing it. Glad to see they’re still making music.

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