Ace Enders previews new song, “Undecided”

Ace Enders released another video of a new song from his “voice memo sessions” called “Undecided,” and based on this and his previously released song from these sessions, I think Ace’s next album might be his strongest body of work to date. I’m not sure whether these sessions will lead to another “I Can Make A Mess” album or whether he’ll record them under the “Ace Enders and A Million Little Pieces” moniker. I would guess the latter, as this song in particular is pretty similar in sound to some of the songs on his 2009 AMLP album When I Hit The Ground. If you loved The Early November’s most recent album In Currents, you’ll most likely love this.

Read what Ace Enders had to say about these sessions and stream “Undecided” below.

a few months back i was mixing a record for another band. while each track was bouncing down (roughly 3-4 minuets each) i wrote 8 songs in that time, playing and singing the first thing that came into my mind. i recorded each as a voice memo in that moment and then built the song around that. so no metronome and very little edits. just a cracky voice memo that you can hear all over the album. thankfully trevor from was there the whole time to document it.. here is a small piece of it!!”

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