Senses Fail- “AM:PM” (American Nightmare Cover)


I always get especially excited when I see new music from Senses Fail. They’ve been one of my all time favorite bands for years, and I came really close to naming this website after one of their songs (I of course decided to go with a Saves The Day song instead).

I’m not too familiar with American Nightmare’s music, but this cover of their song “AM:PM” showcases Buddy Nielsen and his band in top form. The passion, intensity, and grit in his vocals never ceases to amaze me.

The cover is part of “The Big Comp II,” a compilation put out by Big Footprints, 1Bluestring and Property of Zack, which you can download here for $5. 60% of the profits will be going to 1BlueString, a campaign that asks guitarists to replace 1 of their 6 strings with a blue string to symbolize the 1 in 6 men who have survived childhood sexual abuse. The the remaining 40% will be going to The Nature Conservancy for a second year in a row. (via Property of Zack)

Stream “Am:PM” here:

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