The American Scene- “Royal Blue”

The American Scene are one of those hard to categorize bands that usually just get lumped into that amorphous genre called “indie rock.” They’re also an extremely underrated band who I hope will get the attention they deserve with the release of their upcoming album, “Haze” (out September 9 via Pure Noise Records). The band showcases an interesting hybrid sound on “Royal Blue,” the album’s first single, that lies somewhere between the slightly hazy, grungy, post-hardcore/emo influenced style typified by bands like Balance and Composure and Seahaven and the jangly, sun drenched indie rock crafted by Tokyo Police Club.

Their ability to create such a well-balanced blend of sounds and to carve out a significant niche for themselves in the indie rock scene might help them experience some crossover success. I think this new single will appeal to fans of more poppy, mainstream indie rock as well as fans of less accessible and less polished bands in the post-hardcore/post-rock/emo genres. I’m really excited for the new album and to see what kinds of success and recognition it earns this especially talented band.

You can stream “Royal Blue” below and pre-order “Haze” here.

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