Light Years- “Fall Apart”

pat light years

Light Years released one of my favorite albums of 2013 (“I Won’t Hold This Against You), and I feel like they’re a band who will positively and powerfully influence the current status and perception of “pop punk,” especially with their performance on the Acoustic Basement stage of this year’s Warped Tour and a new EP on the horizon.

Their new song, “Fall Apart,” is everything one could hope for in terms of a fun, anthemic, but still very thoughtful and emotionally charged summer rock song. The band has managed to strike a rare, hard to achieve balance in order to create a more mature, pensive brand of pop punk music that still maintains the catchy, youthful sound that typically characterizes the genre.

If you’re a fan of bands like The Wonder Years, Taking Back Sunday, and Blink-182, you’ll love Light Years and their new song. You can stream it here, via Alt Press, and pre-order their upcoming EP, “Temporary,” from Animal Style Records, and also purchase their “Acoustics” EP for just $1 from Paper + Plastick

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