Prawn- “Thalassa”


I was going to try to write this without using the term “emo-revival…” Oops. Sorry, I guess I just couldn’t help myself. But seriously, if you’re into that whole scene or whatever, I highly recommend checking out Prawn’s latest song, “Thalassa,” from their upcoming album, Kingfisher (out Aug 12). The jangly, somewhat more poppy quality of this particular song, and the vibrant horn section that so nicely highlights it, bring to mind a more upbeat, balls to the wall version of American Football.

Stream “Thalassa” here, via Noisey, and get psyched about the new LP.

2 thoughts on “Prawn- “Thalassa”

    • yeah true. very few bands are actually worthy of an american football comparison. and i’m psyched to see gates on their tour with pentimento and have mercy later this month.

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