“I Would Go Out Tonight…”: covering “This Charming Man”


Countless bands have covered and paid tribute to The Smiths over the years, which makes sense because they were such a hugely influential force in the world of what’s now known as indie rock. NYC indie rockers “Skaters” just covered one of their most popular, beloved songs, “This Charming Man,” giving it a slightly grungy, gritty, but still danceable feel.

Right after I listened to it, I felt like I needed to listen to the only other good cover of the song I know, by the Canadian indiepop band, Stars. Their cover has a much more subdued sound and vibe, which gives the listener a whole new way of experiencing the song.

I think both covers work well, and it’s just always interesting to hear how bands reinterpret other artists’ songs. The Smiths are one of my all time favorite bands, so I can never resist a good Smiths cover.

Listen to both covers here:

Skaters cover

Stars cover

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