If you’re in love with Sam Smith….more remixes from him and others


Check out these remixes of songs by Benjamin Francis Leftwich, Jaymes Young, and Sam Smith. The first two is on the “chill house” side, the third is a little more on the dub step side, and the last is just an amazing house remix of Sam Smith’s “Money on My Mind” because you can never have enough Sam Smith.

I’ve also included a live acoustic version on Sam Smith’s “Latch” that is simply beautiful. This guy’s voice is unbelievable.

Benjamin Francis Leftwich “Atlas Hands” (Thomas Jack Remix)


Benjamin Francis Leftwich “Pictures” (FlicFlac and Bearson Remix)


Jaymes Young “Moondust” (Sound Remedy Remix)


Sam Smith “Money On My Mind” (MK Remix)


Sam Smith “Latch” (Live Acoustic Version)


“This Is How The Wind Shifts” beautiful new video from Silverstein

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 9.17.06 PM

Silverstein made a beautiful sort of “mashup” of two of their shorter, interlude-type songs from their latest album and wove the songs together for a short but beautiful video that was powerful enough to give me chills and compelling enough to make me watch it multiple times in a row.

The imagery is simple and effective; the sun, the moon, the water, and fire are all layered into the video just as artfully as the two songs are.

Silverstein has been one of my all time favorite bands for years, and they’ve managed to refresh and refine their sound and songwriting with each new album in a way that few bands have. This video is just one more simple thing that makes me admire the dedication and passion that Silverstein always pour into their work and the true appreciation they have for their fans. Plus I always love when I can listen to songs I love with a new perspective, even if they only last for a minute and a half…

Must Hear chill electro remixes


I’m always on the lookout for awesome remixes and just happened to stumble upon these 2 gems: Hayden James’ remix of Rufus’ “Sundream” and Bonobo’s remix of London Grammar’s “Hey Now.” Perfect if you like chill beats.

Rufus “Sundream” (Hayden James Remix)

London Grammar “Hey Now” (Bonobo Remix)

Electro/House remix of Porter Robinson’s “Sea of Voices”


Parisian producer LEVI has reworked Porter Robinson’s already amazing “Sea of Voices,” adding a more upbeat, house-y quality to the chill vocals, and it totally works. This will be a standout among the many remixes of this song that keep coming…

Check it out here. It’s a free download courtesy of thissongissick.com


Glasser “Shape” remix from upcoming EP


Boston based electropop artist Glasser will be releasing a new EP of remixes next month. She’s given us a taste of what’s to come with an excellent 8 minute remix of “Shape,” the first (and arguably the best) track from her 2013 album, “Interiors.” This remix by Deetron is an interesting and faster paced, more upbeat reworking of the original song, layered with different textures and tempos.

Check it out here and look for her “Shape Remix” EP…


Metal bands cover Florence and The Machine

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 9.27.34 PM

Sumerian Records, a hardcore/metal label, is set to release an album of Florence and The Machine covers on 5/13. The first cover is Periphery’s take on “Only if for a Night,” and it’s quite beautiful and does justice to the original. Their cover is melodic and emotive, with powerful, crystalline vocals, and I think Florence would give it the thumbs up…

Check it out here: