New Kid Cudi and Skylar Grey


Any hip hop song is instantly elevated to a more beautiful and powerful level with the addition of Skylar Grey’s vocals. I was blown away the first time I heard “Words I Never Said” with Lupe Fiasco and “I Need A Doctor” with Dr. Dre and Eminem. And I was happy to see that she teamed up with Kid Cudi on his new song, “Hero.”

I would hardly call Kid Cudi’s latest work “hip hop.” It’s more like brooding, emo-electropop with a few hip hop sensibilities, but it’s still great music. And Skylar Grey’s icy, crystalline vocals nicely complement Cudi’s ominous, low tones. The steadily driving but chill beat of the song is right up there with some of his best work, it builds in intensity and emotion toward the end, and the whole thing just sounds intelligently constructed and arranged.

Give it a listen here and look for it on the soundtrack to “Need For Speed,” which premieres this Friday and features Cudi in a pretty major role alongside Aaron Paul.

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