Taking Back Sunday give us another awesome preview of “Happiness Is” with new song “Stood A Chance”


Getting to hear new music by Taking Back Sunday is like opening presents on Christmas morning. They’re a band I’ve followed since their early days and each new release has been such a welcome change of style. They have mastered the art of reinventing themselves just enough with each album and they just keep evolving as a band in the best possible way.

While “Flicker, Fade,” the first preview we heard from their upcoming album “Happiness Is,” was a little closer in sound to some of the songs on their 2011 self-titled album,
this new song “Stood A Chance” recalls in some ways the sunnier, more upbeat and youthful sound of their 2004 album “Where You Want To Be.” It’s instantly catchy, Adam Lazzarra’s vocals sound amazing, and it makes me all the more excited for their new album (out in 2 weeks!) and their tour, where I will get to see them play in 4 different cities in New England.


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