“Ghost Beach” Debut Album = must hear ear candy


I’ve been eagerly anticipating this new release and was stoked to find it streaming on Soundcloud today, a few days before it officially comes out. Their singles and a couple of songs from their debut EP such as “Miracle,” “First Time,” and “On My Side” have been on my running playlists for months, and upon first listen the album is exactly what I thought it would be. Pure ear candy and smart indie/electropop that delights on all levels. I have a feeling I might become as attached to it as I did to Passion Pit’s “Manners” five years ago. And maybe even more so than “Manners,” this album just evokes summer, sunshine and fun times. Also, I would highly recommend this album to anyone who loves Passion Pit. I hope these guys find a nice wider audience, and I can’t wait for their next tour. Go support them, follow their awesome playlist on spotify called “spotifriday” that they update every Friday, and check out their shows. They’ll be in NYC on 4/10 and in Providence on 4/11. But no Boston 😦 Sadly their spring tour is conflicting with Taking Back Sunday, who I’ll be seeing in Boston, Hartford, and Portland. And as awesome as Ghost Beach are, you just can’t compete with the TBS when it comes to this fan…

You can find their album streaming here:


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