Beck Absolutely Killed it on SNL


After a month long hiatus and the departure of longtime writer and “Weekend Update” host Seth Meyers, “Saturday Night Live” returned last night a little rocky and lackluster. Aside from Kate McKinnon’s killer “Ellen” impersonation, Beck’s musical performance was by far the best thing about this week’s episode. I usually fast forward through the musical performances unless it’s an artist I truly love. And after a string of appearances by so many huge mainstream musical guests this season, such as Miley Cyrus, Katie Perry, Lady Gaga and One Direction, it was refreshing to see that they chose an artist who hasn’t had huge commercial success or a radio hit in a while. I’ve seen Beck in concert and I know how amazing he sounds live, and he definitely lived up to my expectations with his performance on “SNL.” Check out the full string orchestra who lent their beautiful sound to “Waves” and the perfectly hauting reverb on Beck’s vocals. Also he can totally pull off the weird fedora/cowboy hat hybrid he’s been rocking lately…

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