The 10 Best Ellie Goulding Remixes


Ellie Goulding’s songs are so easily and often remixed. Her signature vocals and amazing range are so malleable and her songs just ask to be played with and re-imagined. Here are 10 of my favorites ranging from the most chill to the most amped up. Sure to fit just about any mood you’re in…

“Burn- Maths Time Joy Remix”:

“High For This- Monsieur Adi Remix”

“Your Song- Blackmill Dubstep Remix”

“Tesselate- General Mealz Trap Remix”

“Guns and Horses- Monsieur Adi Remix”

“Starry Eyed- Jakwob Remix”

“Under the Sheets- Chiddy Bang Remix”

“Figure 8- Feature Cuts Remix”

“Hanging On- Draper Mix”

“Goodness Gracious- The Chainsmokers Remix”

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