New “New Order!”


New Order debuted their first new song in nine years at Lollapalooza in Chile last night. The video/sound quality isn’t the best, but it sounds like an auspicious sign of good things to come from one of my all time favorite bands. Can’t wait for their new album. No word yet on when it’s coming out…

Wow! another sufjan stevens remix!


…and this one’s especially awesome. It’s sounds kind of like what would result if Odesza or Two Inch Punch remixed Sufjan. This remix is from Scooter Oyama or “Go Yama” on Soundcloud, and it’s just delightful ear candy. It has a chill vibe and unique sound that must be heard.

Check it out here:

Chill Instrumental Playlists


I’ve had some requests lately for the chill instrumental playlists I use sometimes in my classes, so here they are in one post. It’s not just music for yoga, it’s good, chill, mostly electric stuff that can be used as background/chillout music anywhere. Feel free to click on the link then “follow” them on spotify.

My favorite one ever is the first one listed:

Alt-J “Breezeblocks” (Sebastian Carter Remix)


Check out this awesome remix of Alt-J’s “Breezeblocks” by Sebastian Carter and follow him on Soundcloud to get his other remixes. I actually like this version better than the original song. The beats work perfectly; it’s chill and downtempo with a bit of trap.

And if you “like” his Facebook page, you’ll get access to free downloads.

Local Natives Remixes


I got so excited when I saw someone post a new Local Natives remix today, but when I listened to it I didn’t really like it. So I decided to do a little research and look for better ones. There are an astounding number of remixes of their songs out there. After sifting through so many, these gems came out on top.

“Wide Eyes” (Teen Daze Remix)

“Cards & Quarters & Green Lights” (The Hood Internet) technically a mashup featuring John Legend and Andre 3000

“Breakers” (Superhumanoids Remix)

“Ceilings” (Sebastien Carter Remix)

“You & I” (Varyant Remix)

and, tied for best remix of “Heavy Feet”:

“Heavy Feet” (Beach Heart Everything Remix)

“Heavy Feet” (New Shapes Remix)