“Adult World” Soundtrack by Dan Boeckner


I was delighted to realize that Dan Boeckner, formerly of Wolf Parade and Handsome Furs, did the entire soundtrack for the just released dark indie “comedy,” “Adult World,” starring Emma Roberts, Evan Peters, and John Cusack.  It’s pretty much all Handsome Furs songs, with one song that’s new to me called “Floating World,” which I couldn’t seem to find anywhere…Boeckner’s darkly playful, impassioned, sometimes gritty and mostly upbeat music is such a perfect accompaniment to this must see movie.  Here’s the track listing:

1. Snakes On The Ladder – Handsome Furs
2. The Radio’s Hot Sun – Handsome Furs
3. Thy Will Be Done – Handsome Furs
4. Hearts Of Iron – Handsome Furs
5. Hate This City – Handsome Furs
6. Legal Tender – Handsome Furs
7. What We Had – Handsome Furs
8. Evangeline – Handsome Furs
9. Repatriated – Handsome Furs
10. Memories Of The Future – Handsome Furs
11. What About Us – Handsome Furs
12. Floating World – Dan Boeckner
13. White Bird – It’s a Beautiful Day
14. Cannot Get Started – Handsome Furs

7 thoughts on ““Adult World” Soundtrack by Dan Boeckner

  1. Do you know by any chance where can I find “Floating world”? I loved it ever since I heard it in “Adult world” but there is literally NOTHING online. Thank you in advance. 🙂

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